I virtually assist business owners in tasks they either don’t know how to do, or they simply don’t have time for, which in turn allows them to get back in their wheelhouse and focus on what they do best!

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I was so honored and excited when Voyage Houston Magazine approached me to be featured in their Trailblazer: Re-write the Narrative interview series. They look for female entrepreneurs, or hidden gems, in the Houston area that are paving the way and inspiring others to do the same. To be recognized for that is so incredibly rewarding.

Read the full article here: http://voyagehouston.com/interv…/meet-trailblazer-cammy-lee/


“Cammy is truly a blessing. She came into my business through a referral! I was in desperate need of creating an automated funnel to house my coaching program to free up my time as a single momma & that is exactly what she did. She was able to help me create a BEAUTIFUL  program in ClickFunnels from the ground up that was in alignment with me and who i am! From branding all the way down to verbiage, she goes the extra mile by studying you to make sure she knows how YOU would show up so that she can continue to do her best in making sure you absolutely love everything she presents to you! Not only is she extremely professional but she is a go above and beyond type of woman who is patient, wise, highly knowledgeable and is willing to lose sleep over making sure her clients are taken care of. (Trust me, I wasn’t an easy client lol) I am so thankful & honored to have worked with her! I can’t wait for out next project together!”  

Jaymie Gerena, Founder of Jaymie Gerena Collectives

“Cammy is VA extraordinaire!  She has assisted me with logo and brand creation images, product cover designs, homepage design, and online course offerings through Clickfunnels. Her professionalism, expertise and creative design skills have empowered me to focus on what I do best (creating content!), while helping me expand my brand and increase my presence on social media, particularly Instagram. Can’t recommend Cammy strongly enough for you to consider for any of your VA needs!”

Christina Semmens, Say YES To Holiness