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While I’m quite confident that I could handle most anything thrown at me, there are a few things that I am better at than others, and frankly I enjoy doing as well! I love working hand-in-hand with businesses owners to streamline their SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING efforts and create traction and engagement that truly draws in a loyal following. Integration and automation is the name of the game these days, saving you time and therefore saving you money!

I create LANDING PAGES, custom design work and a beautiful websites that the search engines will love, and am well versed in Canva, WordPress and basic SEO as well as CSS coding. I create email marketing campaigns and newsletters to tie into your virtual storefront and draw in your customers week after week and really any other graphic design work that you need done to create a cohesive platform that is in alignment with you and your brand!

I handle my fair share of ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT that include but are not limited to scheduling and calendar management, event and travel planning, list building, data entry, and PowerPoint presentations when needed.

PINTEREST MARKETING! I could talk  your ear off about the power of Pinterest. 1. Its the 3rd largest search engine. 2. Your ideal client is hanging out there. 3. It drives IMMEDIATE traffic to your online offerings and website. 4. If you are not marketing your business there then you are missing out BIG TIME. Set up an appointment with me to discuss this further!

I love all things CLICKFUNNELS! If you area already elbow deep into CF then CONGRATS! I’d love to come alongside you in your efforts to relieve you of the back end busy work…or perhaps take a look at your design to make sure it’s a beautiful and high converting funnel! If you are not using Clickfunnels to market your business, products and services…then set up an appointment with me today so that I can give you the tour and show you how it could promote massive revenue growth to your business. Cha-ching! Be sure to checkout my detailed list of services below too!