While I’m quite confident that I could handle most anything thrown at me, there are a few things that I am better at than others, and frankly I enjoy doing more as well! I love working hand-in-hand with businesses owners to streamline their business in the online arena and help them focus solely on the areas that they shine the brightest, while I take on the tasks that are really not in their wheelhouse. This often saves my clients time and money, not to mention frustration, because in the long run they are able to work harder at generating income instead of pulling their hair out trying to learn all things “tech” on the fly.

I have extensive experience in building and designing beautiful WEBSITES & LANDING PAGES, MARKETING FUNNELS & ONLINE DIGITAL COURSES using my three favorite platforms: Clickfunnels, Squarespace and Wix. I can integrate your EMAIL AUTOMATION using Active Campaign, Mailchimp and MailerLite to tie your automated outreach into your virtual storefront. Doing this will allow you to stay connected to all past, present and future potential clients and create a cohesive platform that is in alignment with you and your brand!

PLATFORM INTEGRATION is an enormous headache if you don’t know how to do it! Through the use of ZAPIER, I am able integrate most anything and help the various platforms that you are using to “talk to each other”. I will create automated systems within your business to keep you organized, and moving forward with confidence that nothing is falling through the cracks. This also will allow a smoother customer experience online when customers engage with your online storefront and therefore increase your conversion rates.

BRANDING & LOGO DESIGN might be one of my favorite projects to do with new clients. Often people come to me with either a dated or hodgepodge logo design that they threw together on some free website years ago. Or, they have no logo at all and are a clean slate! Either way, I love working on developing branding with clients to give them a more sleek and current aesthetic as brand presence is a powerful marketing concept and tool that you should never neglect in your business. Taking my clients branding to the next level is always fun because it ends up being one of the main trajectories to working together long-term. My creative abilities are most certainly one of the skills that set me apart from other virtual assistants in my field. I know how to do all of the boring the techy stuff…but I also know how to make it look beautiful.

If there is anything I have learned over the last decade about marketing in the online space it is the POWER OF VIDEO. I offer video editing to give your online presence the edge and professionalism that it needs to really create impact and make a HUGE first impression.

I love all things CLICKFUNNELS! If you are already elbow deep into CF then CONGRATS! I’d love to come alongside you in your efforts to relieve you of the back-end busy work…or perhaps take a look at your design to make sure it’s a beautiful and high converting funnel! If you are not using Clickfunnels to market your business, products and services…then set up an appointment with me today so that I can give you the tour and show you how it could promote massive revenue growth to your business. Cha-ching! Be sure to checkout my detailed list of services below too!